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Wittenberg Welcomes… Tjitze Van Der Dam

Date: 30 Apr 2021

This week on Wittenberg Welcomes… we have some culinary delight for you in the shape of private chef and culinary coach Tjitze Van Der Dam.

Hailing from the Frisian village of Jubbega in the North of the Netherlands, and coming from a family of Bakers, Tjitze has food in his blood. After starting his culinary journey at Landgoed Lauswolt, and then De Jufferen Lunsingh, near his home, he decided that to reach the top he had to spread his wings and head for the big city to broaden his horizons.



Since moving to Amsterdam he has held positions at Ron Blaauw Restaurant, Friends of Jacob, INK Hotel, QO and the Waldorf Astoria; working his way up to Executive Sous Chef and leading the kitchen teams.

As a young chef he has been featured in various publications as a culinary talent to keep an eye on and has also had the honour of picking up the Saisonnier Press Prize and Cooking Rookie Awards along the way.



Now working as a private chef, Tjitze caters for breakfast, lunch or dinner parties for two to 2000 people, explaining all of the dishes he presents and answering any questions guests have.

Outside of the kitchen, Tjitze organises culinary events connecting people within the industry, including 24H Chefs – an event that brought 24 Michelin Star chefs together to cook for 24hours to raise money for charity.




Describing himself as out of the box, enthusiastic and full of energy, his down to earth views have led him to really have a passion for Dutch classic cuisine, so much so that he has written the Hollandse Klassiekers AnnoNu cookbook.

Checking in on Sunday, Tjitze will be showcasing his culinary skills and creating some wonderful dishes for you to see and will even be getting his daughter involved in the show. The question is whether she will want to bake cookies or make dinner 😉.

So please give a huge Wittenberg welcome to Tjitze Van Der Dam.


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