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Wittenberg welcomes… Plantmom.

Date: 01 Apr 2021

To kick off our Wittenberg Welcomes… series we’re spreading the joy of plants with West Amsterdam’s very own Plantmom - Monai Nailah McCullough.

Plant lover and horticulturalist from New York City, with almost a decade of experience with caring for indoor plants, Monai blends her passion and business. Her goal is to use design and education to make plant ownership more sustainable and plant owners more confident, with a focus on urban environments in metropolitan cities across the world.




Monai’s work is helping to inspire the people of Amsterdam to bring more plants into their lives and ensure they are choosing the best plants for their home, as well as giving them the tools to care for their plants in the right manner. She’s a great believer in the power of plants, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

In 2020 Monai opened Planthood, a service-based retail space in Amsterdam selling plants, plant care products. It’s a space dedicated to helping people find the right plants for them, as well as acting as a venue for her Plantmom workshops, of which there’s a ever-growing community. Her regular workshops include meditation, yoga and nutrition on top of her plant care work. Members of the Planthood community receive weekly discounts, online consultations, and personal plant profiles.



Over the next few days Monai will be doing a full takeover of one of our apartments, bringing a forest of her plant pals with her. She’ll be broadcasting live and giving you all the plant care tips you need to keep your flora flourishing.

So please tune in to and welcome Plantmom to Wittenberg.



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