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Wittenberg Welcomes… Maxine Penney

Date: 23 Apr 2021

Next up on Wittenberg Welcomes… is creative recruiter, business developer, inclusion & diversity specialist, and all-around connector Maxine Penney.



After leaving London, where she’d been working in cultural events and fashion, Maxine decided to up sticks and make a fresh start in Amsterdam. After working for leading advertisers like Nike and Philips, she found her calling promoting and recruiting for the local creative industries.

She currently works as Culture Manager at global creative production company Media Monks. Her role focuses on developing and managing programmes to support diversity, equity, and inclusion and overall culture, an area she is very passionate about. Within this she covers the EMEA and APAC regions to support S4’s worldwide strategies. 




In her spare time, she also runs Freshhh Connections, an agency linking leading companies with the creative community within Amsterdam & Europe to give them the resources they need to stand out amongst the competition. On top of this, Maxine somehow finds time to host a radio show and organise events that bring people together.

A natural networker and communicator, Maxine enjoys people orientated activities and thrives in a creative and diverse environment. She’s a real people person, radiating positive energy and has the innate ability to rub that energy off on others. 



During her stay, Maxine will be using our apartment to share some of the current projects she’s working on and giving us a window into her creative process. If we’re lucky we might also get to hear her belt out a pop classic, a regular occurrence on her Instagram channel.

So please give a warm Wittenberg welcome to Maxine Penney.



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