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Wittenberg Welcomes… Kyas Art Salon.

Date: 09 Apr 2021

Week two of our Wittenberg Welcomes… series sees Kyas Art Salon take up residency with us.

Kyas is a leading contemporary art gallery situated in the city heart of Amsterdam overlooking a world heritage canal. It follows the Parisian model of a 19th century Salon d'Art and also exhibits its artists at international art fairs.

It represents a group of both national and international contemporary artists and is creating a unique front line-position within the Amsterdam art scene with a wide array of different events and exhibitions. The gallery’s ambition is to connect different expression forms in an unconventional way, creating dialogues and a platform for emerging and mid-career artists.

Representing Kyas for the week will be Dutch artist Rinus van Hall. Rinus is a young Dutch artist, from a well-known artist family, that started his career with classical oil painting but is now challenging himself to become multidisciplinary.



With a strong eye for details and textures, and always looks for hidden emotions and expressions in his painting subjects, his interest and fascination for modern technology is often visible in his artworks. He’s also prolific on social media and regularly post videos and livestreams via YouTube and Twitch, as well as his Instagram account.



With his work, Rinus is always looking for contemporary societal processes and tries to stimulate discussion. One of his most well-known contemporary works @wakemeupwhenimfamous became an international sensation and this has seen him exhibit at international art fairs across the globe.

His most recent accolade is having one of his paintings selected for the “Long Live Rembrandt” tribute exhibition at the infamous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The exhibition honours Rembrandt, a true master widely considered one of the greatest visual artists in history and the most important in Dutch history, 350 after his death and received around 8500 submissions from 95 countries. It runs from 15th of July till the 15th of September.



Before this his last collection of paintings “The Fake Surface”, 60 oil painted selfies exhibited at VOLTA Basel international art fair in 2019. The collection depicts a change in the way in which humans identify themselves, and how this is undergoing a rapid change in the course of our history:

Rinus Van Hall - “With the introduction of augmented reality, the boundaries of physical appearance are being broken. We are living in an age dominated by digital interference and sooner or later one’s physical appearance will become a matter of choice. Where photography and film once surpassed the painted portrait as a more realistic representation of once appearance, augmented reality is tinkering with its reliability. With "The Fake Surface" I reflect on this change. It shows how "the self" in the selfie is ever changing and not subject to our physical reality. The project functions as the last stance heading into a new frontier.”

During his residency Rinus will be bringing his portraiture to Wittenberg and will turn one of our rooms into his personal studio.

So please welcome Kyas Art Salon and Rinus Van Hall to Wittenberg.

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