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Wittenberg Welcomes… Justin Reid-Ross

Date: 10 May 2021

For week six, and our final week of our series, Wittenberg Welcomes South African Hockey player Justin Reid-Ross.



Hailing from Stellenbosch on South Africa’s West Coast, Justin is one of world hockey’s top outfielders and a full South African international. Having started his career in South Africa, Justin moved to the Netherlands in 2010 and has represented Pinoké, Amsterdam and current team Hurley. He has played for his national side since 2006, representing them on 97 occasions. He has also played for the Ranchi Rhinos, Ranchi Rays and Delhi Waveriders in the Hockey India League, winning the inaugural league title with Ranchi Rhinos.



A natural goal scorer, in 2014/15 he was the Dutch Hoofdklasse’s top marksman while playing for Amsterdam and is also the leading foreign goal scorer in the history of the Dutch league with 185 goals (and still counting). He is also recognised as one of the world’s leading dragflickers.



A devout family man, Justin will be joined at Wittenberg by wife Ashley, kids Ben and Grace, and not forgetting French bulldog Harvey for the week.

During the day they’ll be giving us an insight into their day jobs as they’ll be working from the comfort of the apartment. Justin is a Marketing Lead at Paazl – a tech company that facilitates e-commerce delivery for leading retailers and brands, and Ash is Director of Digital Ads Operations at Dynata - the largest global first-party data & insights platform.

After work, the family will be exploring the sights of Amsterdam with the little ones. We might also get a look into Justin’s training regime to see how he keeps at peak condition.

So please give a big Wittenberg welcome to Justin and his family.


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