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What's on in Amsterdam throughout September

Date: 30 Aug 2019

September brings the changing of the seasons, and as autumn approaches you may notice the temperature around the city starting to drop, the daylight hours beginning to diminish, and the streets slowly becoming less crowded. Despite these seemingly off-putting attributes, the city of Amsterdam is still an incredible place to visit during September as there’s plenty of things to see and do for both solo travellers and families.

Amsterdam is notoriously one of Europe’s leafiest cities, so it’s not unfamiliar to witness beautiful hues of red, brown and gold take over the parks and canals during this time of year. As well as colourful backdrops, another quintessential part of Amsterdam during September is the huge variety of deliciously comforting treats on offer such as poffertjes, pancakes and stroopwafels which you can grab from almost anywhere. But enough about the edible side of the city, let us run you through your itinerary for the upcoming month…



Amsterdam Fringe Festival photo credit: @zahira.lieneke.mous

Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Amsterdam Fringe Festival, a popular, one-of-a-kind event allowing unique artists from musical and theatrical backgrounds to present their ‘untamed talents’ to new audiences, returns to the city from 5th – 16th September this year so mark your calendar! More than 30 venues across the city, some located conveniently close to our Wittenberg Aparthotel, will be taking part by welcoming an extremely varied programme of performers who are out to showcase their artistic freedom. Experience thought-provoking, alternative and completely avant-garde shows which are considered to be sat on the ‘fringes’ of theatre.

Tourists don’t need to fret about missing out as there’s a broad ‘Language No Problem’ schedule which makes around 50% of the performances suitable for non-Dutch speakers. Performances marked as ‘Language No Problem’ means the show will either be completely spoken in English, or will be a silent performance. Head to the official Amsterdam Fringe Festival website HERE to buy tickets and view a full list of all the performances.


Dam tot Damloop photo credit: @paleiskwartieramsterdam

Dam tot Damloop

Dam tot Damloop may not be well-recognised amongst anyone outside of Holland, but it is an annual event which is widely anticipated by locals every time September rolls around. Taking place this year from 20th – 22nd September, Dam tot Damloop is the largest running event in the Netherlands and consists of a ten mile race from Amsterdam to Zaandam. A lively atmosphere caused by the thousands of onlookers combined with around 50,000 participants creates an infectious buzz which can undoubtedly be felt across both cities. When the runners reach Zaandam they are greeted by uplifting music and enthusiastic encouragements, making for a truly memorable finish.


Open Monuments Day photo credit: @restaurantonzekerk

Open Monuments Day

Every year the rich history of Amsterdam is celebrated when specially selected buildings and monuments, which are renowned across the city for their impressive architecture and unique interiors, open their doors to the public completely free of charge. Famous for being one of Amsterdam’s largest cultural events, Open Monuments Day (or as the Dutch know it – Open Monumentendag) takes place 14th – 15th September this year and will be exploring the likes of sports and theatre as it follows the theme of ‘Urban Entertainment’.

Around one million visitors flock to the monuments of the Netherlands to learn the fascinating stories behind each remarkable building, and have been doing so (on a slightly smaller scale) since the event first began in 1987. Various activities are also organised throughout the weekend, including cycle routes, music performances, exhibitions, walks, guided tours and even treasure hunts for the younger visitors. Everything is completely free of charge in order to increase public interest in monuments and support for monument conservation. 


Amsterdam City Swim photo credit: @amsterdamcityswim

Amsterdam City Swim

Around 2,500 brave swimmers congregate to Marine Etablissement Amsterdam every September to take on the brisk waters of the city as part of the annual Amsterdam City Swim which is held to raise funds for motor neurone disease. The 2,000 metre course snakes around the city centre and passes many iconic spots along the way including Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Nieuwe Herengracht, River Amstel and Royal Theatre Carrébefore finishing on the Keizersgracht. If you would like to watch the events unfold during your time in the city, viewing is freely accessible from the quay - only bystanders who wish to watch from the starting area require admission tickets.


Amsterdam Wine Festival photo credit: @mr.splc

Amsterdam Wine Festival

From the 27th – 29th September the Amsterdam Wine Festival returns to the city for a second time this year, and will be taking place once again at the acclaimed Westergasfabriek venue. Why does this event occur twice a year? Simple really – March brings the harvest of the southern hemisphere and September the harvest of the northern hemisphere. During these times, the wine farmers invite the community to celebrate with them that the grapes have been collected safely, commencing the start of the wine making process. A great cause for celebration!

A perfect day out for wine connoisseurs and beginners alike, experience a vast array of food and wine pairings from all around the world brought together under one roof. There’s over 300 superb flavours from traditional wine countries such as New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina, just waiting to be tried and tested. As well as top-quality food and drink, there’s also the opportunity to take part in numerous workshops and performances throughout the weekend – test your knowledge in a wine quiz, get involved in a grape pitch content or learn everything you need to know in a masterclass hosted by a wine grower. There will also be live music from local bands and DJs which will keep you entertained all night long.


Now you’ve got your itinerary, it’s time to book your apartment!

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