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Our top 10 evenings out near Wittenberg

Date: 10 Nov 2017

When you’re spending time in Amsterdam, here are 10 of our favourite places for a drink - within cycling or even walking distance from Wittenberg.


The local: Café Koosje

Known as “the front room” of the Plantagebuurt neighbourhood, where a very motley crew ends the day, heralds the weekend, or catches up on the latest gossip. It’s the ideal place for a simple pint with the locals and just three minutes’ walk from Wittenberg at Plantage Middenlaan 37.


The beer brewery: Brouwerij ’t IJ

You will find Brouwerij ’t IJ’s specialty beer in cafés and restaurants across the whole city and even further beyond Amsterdam. But there is nowhere a Zatte, Natte or IJwit goes down better than in the bar of the brewery itself. You can take in the atmosphere at the brewery, just a 20 minute walk or six minute cycle from Wittenberg at Funenkade 7.


Instagram-worthy bar: Bar Botanique

Naturally, when it comes to choosing our favourite café it all comes down to the wine menu, the draught beerand the skills of the bar staff. That glass of Sauvignon Blanc is best enjoyed in a colourful, leafy interior such as that of Bar Botanique. It’s a 22 minutes walk or seven minutes cycle from Wittenberg at Eerste van Swindenstraat 581.


The cocktail bar: Hiding in Plain Sight

This little cocktail bar can be tricky to find. If you succeed, you can settle down in an intimate 20’s atmosphere, sipping on liquid artwork. It’s just a 15 minutes walk or six minute cycle from Wittenberg at Rapenburg 18.


From breakfasts to nightcaps café: Bukowski

Bukowski, the bar named after the illustrious writer, has been going for quite some years now, and still remains a hotspot. This is the place to grab your first coffee of the morning and your last nightcap before bed. It’s a 16 minute walk or five minute cycle from Wittenberg at Oosterpark 10.


Stylish café-restaurant: De Plantage

You may have dined at De Plantage (and if not, you should), but it’s also a great place for a drink at the appealing café-restaurant right next to Artis. Naturally, you can order a number of exquisite appetisers on the side. Its a 5 minute walk from Wittenberg at Plantage Kerklaan 36.


Old sailors’ bar: Café In ’t Aepjen

Café In ’t Aepjen is listed on a map of Amsterdam dating back to 1544. The café is located in one of the last two remaining wooden houses of Amsterdam, between the Red Light District and the Chinese quarter. Take a seat at the bar and listen to old seafarers’ tales. It’s just a 22 minute walk or 7 minute cycle from Wittenberg at Zeedijk 1.


The Fancy View: Madam in A’dam Toren

Amsterdam is not known for its skyscrapers, so the unique trailblazer towering above the lower level canalside buildings is easy to spot and worthy of a visit. From 21:30, Restaurant Madam transforms into the tallest Skybar in the city and the tables are pushed aside to make room for dancing. Its just a 15 minute cycle from Wittenberg but you’ll need to hop on a five minute ferry too, at Overhoeksplein 3.


The liqueur distillery: Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink

It is difficult to choose from the huge selection of gins and liqueurs in this public house directly behind Dam Square. Fortunately, the glasses are small and everyone understands that you would like to sample a ‘Hansje in de Kelder’ after your ‘Volmaakt Geluk’, so you might not need to make that decision. It’s an 18 minute walk or 7 minute cycle from Wittenberg at Pijlsteeg 31.


Literary jazz café: De Engelbewaarder

For many years, writers and poets found an audience in this discrete brown café inside a classic building. You can still see them sitting there, drinking up inspiration for that new novel. On Sunday afternoons, they are accompanied by live jazz.  It’s just a15 minute walk or 5 minute cycle from Wittenberg at Kloveniesburgwal 59.

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