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Date: 24 Jan 2018

If you want to make the most of your stay in the city and enjoy a culinary highlight every evening, make a reservation at the below-mentioned eateries now. 



Dining on Vuurtoreneiland feels like a mini holiday. The adventure starts on the ferry that takes you to the rugged little island on Markermeer Lake. In winter, you dine in the fort beside an open fire. In summer, you eat in the conservatory with views across the water. Vuurtoreneiland is small, so reservations are essential. Dinner, including the ferry transfer, aperitif and snacks on the boat, a five-course menu paired with wine, water, coffee and tea costs €100, you get a €15 discount if you drink no alcohol. 



There is no need to brood over the menu at restaurant Bak. Every day, the chefs prepare a gastronomic tasting menu from local seasonal products. Vegetables play a key role, with fish and game as well-considered, tasty accompaniments. A meal costs €55. 


Hotel de Goudfazant

You cannot stay over at this hotel, but you can certainly dine at your leisure. One of the first culinary hotspots in this part of Amsterdam North and one of the first restaurants in the capital to establish its base inside an industrial hangar, Hotel de Goudfazant can be regarded as a pioneer. The no-fuss kitchen has been guaranteeing quality for years. 


De School

This restaurant, located in the old workshop of a former school is not exactly around the corner from Wittenberg, but is well worth the bicycle or taxi ride. The setting is an appealing mix of classic and industrial, the food is superb and service is excellent. A café, gym, creative studios and a club are also located on the premises.



The Night Watch is not the only highlight of the Rijksmuseum, the museum is also worth a visit in the culinary sense. The kitchen is run by Joris Bijdendijk, the chef of the moment. ‘Rijks serves the Rijksmuseum to you on a platter’ the restaurant promises. That can only mean culinary masterpieces.


Mr. & Mrs. Watson

Amsterdam is finally starting to become a little more vegan-friendly. Mr. & Mrs. Watson proves that vegan eating is anything but boring and stuffy. Hardened carnivores will be delighted with the tempeh bacon and we will wager a bet that cheese addicts will return for the cashew brie.


Ciel Blue

Nowhere in Amsterdam will you dine any closer to the stars. You see, Ciel Blue is situated on the 23rd floor of the Okura Hotel. The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars by the French tyre manufacturer in the last round. You can also take a look inside the award-winning kitchen during your meal if you reserve a seat at the Chef’s Table.



Located in a striking red building along De Ruyterkade, Choux has been pulling in crowds since it opened in 2015. Diners are virtually unanimous in their praise and frequently recommend the vibrant restaurant. Here too, the spotlight is on vegetables, of which a large share is produced by the business itself. The range of vins naturels is a perfect match. There is a choice of four menus, from €36 for 3 courses, to €60 for the choux menu.



A touch of Paris, a dash of Marrakech and with views across the IJ, the station and the NDSM grounds, still absolutely typical of Amsterdam. Mos is chic, but not stuffy. The dishes are original and prepared with fresh seasonal products. A 4-course dinner costs €55, five courses are €62 and six courses €69. À la carte ordering is also available.



Restaurant Koevoet looks like a typical Dutch brown cafe from the outside. The venue in the Jordaan neighbourhood is so snug, it is almost bursting at the seams. Its soul, the kitchen, is authentically Italian though. A winning combination. Because although we appreciate a Dutch hotpot from time to time, nothing beats authentic Italian cuisine.


Café Restaurant De Plantage

This is a beautiful building with tall windows and pillars. The interior is stylish, with an abundance of green, marble and wood. This is the place for an outstanding breakfast, lunch, drink or dinner. Last but not least, it is just five minutes’ walk from Wittenberg. Handy considering the cocktail menu. 


Meatless District

The name of this restaurant does not quite convey the concept, because not only is Meatless District entirely meat free, it is also 100% vegan. The plant-based dishes look beautiful and are prepared with fresh and, where possible, organic ingredients. You savour them in stylish, hip surroundings.


FC Hyena

Instead of popcorn, you snack on baked sweet potato with curds and chimichurri, BBQ ribs with spring onion salad and sesame seeds, or mussels with aioliand saltwort during the movie. As it happens, you can take your food into the cinema with you. If you would rather not eat in the dark, there is sure to be a table available for you in the colourful restaurant after the film. 



Eating in the cinema is one thing, but in the pitch dark? That is precisely the idea at Ctaste. Without the use of your eyes, your other senses are very sharp. Can you taste meat or fish? That may sound like a ridiculous question, but you doubt everything when you cannot see what you are eating. Dining at Ctaste is undoubtedly a unique experience.



Those who are often away from home long for that typical front room atmosphere every now and then. Small and cosy, with pots of food bubbling on the stove. Cooking yourself is a step too far, a so-called front room restaurant is a happy medium. Restaurant Zaagmolen is situated in the Pijp district. You will feel right at home here, although the cooking is probably considerably better.

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